Monday, August 18, 2008


Daphne has been having some fun around here dressing up! First, in a hat that used to be mine. Isn't it very Holly Hobby-esque?

Second, the Future Doctor hat. or Future Nurse hat!?
Third, okay, this is not really a hat, but here's Daphne in her princess pj's and fairy wings. She really didn't want to take them off and she just looks so darn cute. She just took a bath so her hair is kind of tame.
And lastly, my latest knitting projects. Last year, I went snowtubing and realized that my current hat really doesn't fit. So, no problem, I thought I could just whip one up. Well, of course I couldn't just knit one, so I keep trying to knit the 'perfect hat' but unfortunately, I don't have the 'perfect head' and they have mostly ended up too small for my rather large head. However, an ear wrap seemed to turn out well. And I have one more hat to try, that I'm kind of putting off because it has intarsia (which is knitting with two colors at the same time for those who don't knit). So, as odd as it may be to see knitted hats in August....and by no means am I wishing for winter, just preparing to be warm.

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  1. Those hats are great! I especially love the white fuzzy one with the pink ribbon. One day I hope to knit as nicely as you.