Saturday, July 14, 2012

What a Week!

We acted a bit like tourists in our own city this weekend and took a DUKW tour of Cincinnati.  We had taken the Boston one on our trip there and thought it was different.  The hard part was convincing Joey - I think he was a little nervous about the possibility of getting wet in the DUKW boat.  But we stayed dry and got to see the city from a different angle and we saw Janet and Kim on the downtown streets of Cincinnati.   We spent the day in Newport at Gameworks and getting ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery - just a fun day with the kids.  And walked on the Purple People Bridge.  And on Tuesday, we went to the World Choir Games parade downtown and on Wednesday, to the Touch-A-Truck event here.  Daphne likes getting on all the trucks, but this year, Joey was even more open to getting in some of the trucks - a big jump from last year.

 And I still managed to get some jewelry listed on Etsy...

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yesterday, the temperature outside, according to my van was 112F !!!!  Crazy hot.  We went swimming last evening and the water felt like bath water - which is just the way I like it.  Nontheless, we are waiting for the 'cool front' to come in this week and put the temperature back in the 80s, so we can maybe not sweat as soon as we walk outside.

A bracelet for myself, made with white sponge coral, that my dad picked out for me at Christmas.  And my first handmade clasp. 

Brady has learned to give zerberts.  Oh, at such a young age- it's so funny!  It's fun to watch and hear him but he alternates between giving zerberts and biting my leg, so I have to be on my toes.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've been reading a book about starting an Etsy Business and it talks about taking pictures on an overcast day to get some of the best light.  And since then, we have not had any overcast weather, except for the 2 hours in which I took the kids to the pool today... by myself... this afternoon. 
God, don't you know how hard it is to get 3 little kids ready for the pool?  It was sunny when I started getting them ready.
I got them all changed, pottied and lathered up with sunscreen and snacks and drinks ready for this 100 degree day.  I checked the forecast before leaving - only predicted a spotty chance of rain this evening.  As soon as we got out of the van at the Y, I knew it was bad because I heard thunder.  We got in the Y and the outdoor pool was closed but I figured - hey, it will blow over - since that's all it does lately - a little clouds and nothing else- and they will reopen the outdoor pool. But after an hour of swimming in the indoor pool with a zillion other families who thought the same as me and over an hour of constant rain, we headed back home.  I'm glad we did get some swimming in but, man, we can go to the indoor one all year long.  I am grateful that we got the rain, it just could've happened in the middle of the night.
And with this messed up excursion, I also missed some primetime overcast picture taking.  So a lot of pictures continue to be either too dark or too light.  They will have to wait to be improved.
Soon to be listed on Etsy....  Earrings
 Soon to be listed on Etsy... Bracelet
 Soon to be listed on Etsy... Necklace
 And a bracelet for myself - instructions taken from 'Bohemian Inspired Jewelry'