Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny times

To change things up around here, we have been trying some different things.
Eating a picnic outside.
 Playing in laundry baskets!?!
 The first of many conversations between the boys about trains.
 This should have been in the last post - sleeping in strange positions - on the couch...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joey's Big Boy Bed

Last week we moved Joey from his crib into a "Big Boy Bed".  We've been psyching him up for it for awhile.  He is always excited to sleep in it and has stayed in his bed most nights.  One day for nap, I took his picture.  If I had only found the camera quicker - he had the train in his hand and his butt in the air.   What is it with kids sleeping in weird positions?  Kevin found him with his head hanging off the bed the other day.

Joey and Daphne's bedroom - both of the kids have new-to-them beds (thanks to Maisie - we got another mattress and box springs) and my old bed frame. 
We're working on getting "Big Boy Sheets and bedspread" for Joey - for now he either has the option of purple flowers or Little Mermaid - and even though Kevin says purple is a manly color - I think he needs some better boy choices!