Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beadweaving... A little something special

Oh!  How I've admired these for awhile and awaited the time when I could take on the challenge of these beautiful bracelets!  I finally got the pattern and decided to put other things on hold, while I took this project on.  And they did take time, a little here, a little there.  A little while helping the kids with coloring and workbooks and homework and a little while watching some tv late at night. 
And then the finished product....

Aren't they stunning?  I could tell from just doing the first steps of the bracelet that they would be gorgeous - the beads for the first right angle weave just feel silky.  The pattern and kits are called 'Othello' from TamaraScottDesigns
I would highly recommend the patterns.  Very easy instructions.  And the results are so pretty - I've gotten lots of compliments when wearing them. 

Can't wait to try them in different colors!