Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Art

I recently received a piece of art that hung over my Grandmother's (and Grandfather's) couch since as long as I can remember.  My grandmother moved out of her house several years ago and my mom acquired the piece because as many of us do, she has a hard time getting rid of items with sentimental feeling attached and possibly practical use.  So my mom asked me if I wanted it, which I did - for the frame and Mom was okay with me switching up the picture.  Even a frame this size would cost $20-$30 at our local thrift store.
So, I perused Pinterest A LOT looking for the perfect art to fill this frame.  I really can't paint birds very well, which is what I would have like to fill the space with, so I instead choice a bright and lively piece.  If you google search or Pinterest search DIY art, you are sure to find many versions of the Scrapbook Flower art, but I guess that's because its popularity is enforced by how doable it is for anyone and how nice the result is (and maybe how we all hoard art supplies, like scrapbook paper -- just me?).
Here is my version:  (and I still get to see the frame that I remember in my Grandmother's house).
Here's the original:
This is actually a famous painting "Summer Landscape" by Fritz Muller Landeck of Munchen.  I learned something in the process.  He made a lot of landscape pictures - usually much brighter than this one.  Of course, the one I had was a print that had badly darkened and browned with time.  So, no value lost!  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Michael's Beading Challenge with a Twist Blog Hop

Okay.  Now I was 2 days late with the last hop but this one takes the cake.  The hop was actually December 18th and I actually finished making the jewelry a few days post hop but just unable to get to the computer for several days.  And since these beads were in colors that I naturally gravitate towards, I was determined to blog about it. 

The info about the hop is from Heather Powers, of Humblebeads, and Lorelei Eurto.  You have to check out what they made - truly beautiful pieces, I especially like their necklaces. 
I took even more of a twist on the initial "rules" to use the specific beads plus an artist's bead or beads and instead supported another artist by using their tutorial.

I made several bracelets using an Infinity leather link with a tutorial by Tracy Statler.  And on one of the bracelets, included a bead by (I think!)  Jera Luna Designs.  Some of the bracelets are stretchy and some are knotted with button closure.  And one pair of earrings.  Really love the drop beads - the color and shininess are brilliant!

 Cool leather links, aren't they?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Halcraft December Pretty Palettes Challenges

I'm running a bit late on posting for this challenge.  (A Whole Year Later!)   Ha!Ha!
All right, the holidays are quite hectic and in fact, we just celebrated our last Christmas yesterday.
So, I didn't peak at anyone's reveal until after I completed my own jewelry with these beads.  And what fun beads - I wish I would have completed before my New Year's Eve party.  They certainly would have looked sparkly for my night of dining, bowling and (a little) partying.
Awesome color palette again!  You can check the Halcraft blog for the inspiration.  
Here is my reveal:
 Super sparkly earrings. Just wanted to add one thing - the earring hooks are stainless steel, which is awesome for my touchy ears.  My ears start hurting with regular earring hooks and stainless are a great (mostly hypoallergenic) alternative to the more expensive sterling silver. 
And a stretch bracelet - what bling!