Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beaded Links

I have a "studio" in my basement.  Considering the size of our house and that 5 human being live in it, it's actually quite a nice space. (And more space than my husband gets to himself).  
 But I also have two wooden trays that roam around the house with beadweaving projects.  (Wooden trays from Melissa and Doug toys with a felt pad work great!)  These projects are easily transportable and don't quite take as many tools as some of the other wirework I like to do. 
 Last fall, I started using the tutorial for the 'Nesting Bracelet' from October/November 2011 Beadwork to make some beaded links.  Every once in a while getting back to it with different combinations of different beads. 

Now, I have a few beaded links but haven't decided if I would make them all into bracelets or use them for focal beads in other items.  Either way, I think I'm finally ready to move on to a different beadweaving project.