Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

I pondered which beads to use in this blog hop, because, like I'm sure many bead hoarders, I don't just hoard handcrafted beads.  I hoard any type of nice beads and findings - afraid to use them because I think I may not do the beads justice.  Which is quite the irony, because I'm certainly not doing justice to the beads (or the people who made the beads) by keeping them in my bead drawer.
So, today I made two pieces.  The first is with a beautiful heart lampworked bead from RachelBeads (by Rachel Goetz).  I looked for her website but it doesn't seem to be working.  I bought the lampworked bead at the Bellevue Beadery in Kentucky, which has undergone a change and no longer sells loose beads (only jewelry) and Rachel was at the last Intergalactic Bead Show in Cincinnati.  I like the simplicity of her 'kits' that are simple silver spacers to go with her more detailed and beautiful lampworked heart and flower beads.  Click here for some of the only information I could find online about the artist.
A friend who got me into the craziness of the beading world actually made me a necklace with one of these beads in the past.  And I was happy to find the beads at the store and really liked the multitude of colors she offers.  Such pretty hearts!  I kept the necklace simple to highlight the focal bead.  3 strands of purplish seed beads braided.
**When the lighting is better around here, I will take a picture that does this bead justice.

--Each side of the heart is special.

The second necklace comes from my bead hoard of gemstones.  I really like gemstones but don't generally like to make expensive looking jewelry - I generally wear workout clothes most days.  So, the beads stay in my drawer.  And my favorite gemstone is tourmaline.  I've purchased both really nice tourmaline and really cheap tourmaline - what a difference.  This necklace is made with glistening, very nice stones that I got at one of the first bead shows I went to.  The internal shiny striations of the briolettes are just gorgeous in the light.  Even the small disc tourmaline is crystal clear and so colorful.  
Unfortunately,  the light around here has been absolutely depressingly abysmal.  Horrible cloudy, grey, rainy and even foggy days have abounded.  So the pictures are taken under lots of lights and an Ott light - which is not ideal, but will have to do.   No matter what, this necklace adds a ray of sunshine to the day - I may even have to wear it with my workout clothes.

Edited to add better pictures:

Monday, December 1, 2014

Art Bead Scene November Challenge

I know this is late, but I already had the beads out and knew what I wanted to make and well, this holiday weekend was busy so it didn't quite happen on time.  That's how things seem to fly right now. 

Isn't the picture the Art Bead Scene picked out so nice to look at:

I would love to have this painting in my house.  Or better yet, to cross stitch this beautiful image. I couldn't find a cross stitch pattern for the exact pattern, but found some others on the Scarlet Quince website, just as beautiful.  

Instead it is used as a muse for my jewelry.  When I first saw this picture, the only thing that stood out to me were the pretty pinks and purples in the big flower with a very muted background.  That's all I could picture in my head. 
So here is where this inspiration led me:

A necklace inspired from the painting and from the book Bohemian Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel. 
 The pretty pink focal is from Gaea.  The rondelles are some kind of stone that I've had for a long time and it varies in color from muted pinks to deep purple pinks to pink green and then a deep forest green.  These are braided onto a grey waxed linen cord and finished with a flower pewter button.  I recently, before this challenge, got the cute hummingbird charms and thought they fit in well.

A soft pretty necklace.  Very different from last month's challenge!