Sunday, April 29, 2012

Joey's first (only) trip to the ER

Last night he slipped in the bath tub and his chin came straight down on the side of the bathtub.  Luckily, Kevin was right there when it happened and luckily, he was home when the baths were being done so he could take Joey to the Children's Hospital ER.  -- I would have probably sobbed with every stitch.  Before he went, he had a pretty good-sized gash on his chin and now, he has 4 stitches and a promise to get ice cream today.  Kevin said he held up well - the nurses showed him a video of Elmo on an iPad while getting the stitches, and the Kevin and some nurses held his arms down.  Much different from when I get stitches (several times) as a kid - I still remember them putting my arms in a pillowcase and then having me lay on the pillowcase while I got the stitches and I don't think parents were allowed in the room while it was going on.....   Joey got a popsicle and stickers in the ER for his bravery - and Kevin - well, he got an evening in the ER bonding with his son.
Oh well, here's the damage.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to business

Ahhh... another 4 month hiatus.  Where does the time go?  Some pictures from Easter. 

And some exciting news.... I finally opened a shop in Etsy.  So all of those ambitious ideas I've had and all the beads I have been buying .... well, here you have it.  The start of a fun business and one that I will truly enjoy every minute of. 
Now, if the boys will just give me a spare minute to make some things! 
Here it is...

(Eeck!  Just caught the boys playing with a toilet bowl brush!) - Gotta go.