Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pump It Up!

So by the time this is posted, I will have started work yesterday. In the thought that I would soon be starting work, we spent the last 2 weeks of my maternity leave doing lots of different and fun things, of which pictures will be posted over the next few days.
First was Pump It Up! with Jessica, Justin and Jackson. It's an indoor play area with lots of inflatable bouncy things and other kid toys.
Daphne had fun but only on the bouncy things you can jump in. She was to afraid of the slides. If only she had gone down one, she would have seen how fun they were (I went down one).
Daphne coming out of a bouncy thing.
Justing coming down the slide and Jack getting off the slide.

Daphne, Jack and Justin playing with a bouncy ball inside an inflatable.

Jessica, Joey and Justin.
Daphne climbing. That height is about her speed.

Jack pushing Daphne in a car.

Jack stepping.

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