Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Other creative endeavors - Halloween Yarn Wreath

I am a knitter.  I was a knitter.  I am a knitter.  And before I started hoarding beads, I hoarded yarn - and still have the stash.  While there is a very small, remote possibility that I may actually use all of the yarn, (kind of like last year, when I finally bought and made very easy felt applique stockings instead of believing that someday I would crossstitch stockings for the whole family)..... sometimes I get realistic - so I made a Yarn wreath and invited a friend to "shop Denise's Yarn Hoard" to make a wreath of her own.  I may have to make more - very quick.  Great bang for your buck (and time!).  There is plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and Etsy for these too.

In the meantime, I also started a blanket that I bought the yarn form 3 years ago.  An easy knit - with little thinking involved.  I'm hoping to get it done while watching some of my favorite tv shows (like Hoarders - Ha!).  Which mean it may take until next year before it gets done.

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