Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some Vintaj Earrings

Have you seen the new Vintaj Artisan pewter?  I like wearing silver jewelry so much more than brass, but I also really like the Vintaj stamps.  What a great marriage of both!  The pewter definitely has a different feel than the brass.  The Vintaj DecoEtch Dies patterns come out much more distinct in the pewter and frankly, I think the embossing looks much better on the brass and copper than the pewter.   

I really like these earrings.  The idea is from Beadaholique.  They used a peacock pattern.
Just a word of caution - if you choose to make these - watch that the pattern doesn't make an 'etch' on the circle loop at the top.  It weakens the tiny bit of pewter in the loop and while mine are okay to wear now, I have a feeling the one loop will end up opening and I'll end up looking the earring.  I darkened the etches with black Vintaj ink.  Swavorski crystals were glued on the front - just used jewelery's cement.


  1. Thanks for sharing these earrings Denise, this pewter is new to me, and it's something new to tempt me. I'd love some new toys to play with with my Vinaj Sizzix Big Kick. I might just like the pewter more than the brass.

  2. Thank you for commenting! This pewter is definitely nice if you like silver things more than brass - but definitely a different feel.