Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to work.

I've put my Etsy shop on hold for awhile due to taking care of other family stuff and spreading myself a little thin with volunteering.

But not now - I've started listing some more items.  Yeah!!  Some items that have been sitting on the beading desk for awhile and many, many more that are new!  I'm so excited about some of the designs.  I've had lots of ideas in my head, and on paper.  And to see which ones actually work in person is very exciting.  Sometimes I have to figure out how to get the clasp connected well or how to make it stronger  - especially bracelets.  I tend to be hard on my bracelets - doing too much with too nice of jewelry on - so I try to make bracelets unbreakable. 

And some new earrings!  (For myself and for the store).  I don't know how other jewelry designers make so many different designs for their shops and not keep the jewelry themselves!  

I'm trying to list a few items daily to keep my items in front and center on Etsy.  But here are some sneak peeks of items that already are in the shop or will be soon!  
 Lady Bug Golem Bead with gemstones.  Strung on waxed linen cord.

 Swirly Golem Bead with buri nut beads and brass spacers.  Strung on Waxed Linen Cord.
Gold and brown Golem bead with buri nut beads and brass spacers. Accented with acrylic flower beads and a flower lobster clasp. Strung on beading wire.  

Can you tell I've become good friends with Golem Beads?  I love the intricacies of the colors and  designs on these handmade ceramic beads!  Each bead is so pretty. 
I have many moods when designing and so it will definitely come out in the future listed items - some beadweaving, some embossed or etched brass and silver, some wirework.  
Stay tuned!

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