Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fire House Open House

Yesterday, we went to the Sprintfield Township Firehouse open house and the kids had fun besides Kevin trying to scare them - well, Joey gets scared from you-name-it - the person dressed as a Dalmation, the ATV they could sit on, the Fire Engine, dressing up in firemen's gear, holding onto the fireman hose, etc.  And then, Kevin pretended he was going to make Daphne go on the big ladder coming from the top of the Fire Engine, she was not very happy with that.  They both survived and did agree they had a good time.

How do you like Joey's face?  Poor guy!
 Daphne dressed like a fireman - that equipment was heavy!
 Brady enjoying the firetrucks :)
 Joey (smiling!) seated in the firetruck.

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