Thursday, October 6, 2011

Katie & Mike's wedding

We'll try this again. I've been working on this post since Sunday and for some reason the pictures don't want to appear, so I just decided to scrap the other post and start fresh and it is still taking forever for the pictures to appear. Saturday we went to Katie (Kevin's cousin) and Mike's wedding at the Cincinnati zoo. While the weather was a little chilly for the outdoor ceremony (at least it didn't rain!), we all had a blast. Especially the little dancer in the house who got to spend time with two cousins that she loves hanging out with - Caroline and Brooke. And Joey had a good time - probably because we let him eat whatever he wanted - bread, cookies, goldfish crackers, buckeyes and cake - what could be better than that?

Mom & Brady
Best Buds - Caroline & Daphne
The Happy  McCabes
The Newly Married - Katie & Mike.  I had another of them looking up but of course, it was blurry.
Grandma & Joey
Kim & Scott (without a hat!)

Kelley, Lynne & Mary.  Watching Brady.

Dancing to the rockin' band. 

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