Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Days?

The weather has been so nice here.  Even though I love hot weather, I prefer not to sweat as soon as I open the door to go outside.  The last few days have been so nice - we could open the windows (after clearing the cobwebs - since its been 2 months of straight air conditioning) and sit outside and really enjoy this weather. 
It's especially nice weather to go running in and since Kevin and I are gearing up for the upcoming Warrior Dash, we have been trying to run more.  But I have figured out that the race is a 5K with 12 obstacles, so really, we will only need to run no more than a quarter of a mile between each obstacle - that is if the obstacles aren't all bunched up together.  A quarter of a mile doesn't sound bad, right? 

The kids enjoying themselves out back...
 A new listing for Etsy. 
 Another finished wrap bracelet
 And some earrings for a dear friend for her birthday - its hard to see but the lampworked beads are a beautiful blue that remind me of my friend's eyes.

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