Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Just got back from vacation with the family in Indiana Beach - lots of sun - which is what I love.  We are all tired and recovering this week. 
Chicago on the SkyDeck in the Willis (previously Sears) Tower.  Joey was fascinated with looking at the boats below.

We couldn't get the kids to look up at the camera - too much else to see.

Our cottage in Indiana Beach

Riding the train.  Joey's first and only time to ride the train because it went through a 'scary' tunnel by the Haunted Castle.

They were all so cute riding together.  I think this is Kori and Brady's first time riding rides.

On the Shafer Queen before we went out on the Lake.

The kids enjoying the view out on Lake Shafer.

At the Whistle Stop - a pretty, neat train restaurant and museum nearby.

The family portrait.

Ken and I went ziplining over Lake Shafer.  Pretty awesome!  I'd do it again anytime.

Making a race car at a Lowe's event at Indiana Beach.

Kevin and I took the kids to a Monticello city park.

My parents and Daphne, enjoying the last evening.

Outside our cabin at Indiana Beach.
And the result of getting rear-ended on our way home.  :(  But no one was hurt and it's all fixable.
We had a great time!

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