Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day!

Will it ever end?  I'm so tired of cold weather.  Usually at this time of the year, my flowers are blooming and we can at least wear light jackets.  But not so, this year.  We had (fingers crossed) our last snowfall of the season.
Amidst the snow and fun, there are some blooms to give me hope for a warmer spring and soon!!!

 Good snow for snowballs!

 See... there are some blooms - there were two crocus blooms with snow surrounding them.
 Who doesn't want to go swinging when its snowing out?
 Daffodil blooms - I see them - just hope the snow doesn't kill them.
The last snowman of the season!!!

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  1. Denise, you should be used having lived in Cleve for so long. Remember it's always worse somewhere else. Happy Spring Day