Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Last Kisses of Summer Bracelet....

I'm still into the beadweaving and my latest (and definitely greatest) beadweaving is the 'Last Kisses of Summer Bracelet' by C. J. Bauschka from the August/September 2012 Beadwork issue.  I liked the picture on the front cover of the magazine so much that I decided to start with making one in those colors....

Ooh... isn't it so sparkly and pretty?    So one in this colorway (except I used tortoise colored fire-polished 6mm beads and a matte bronze seed bead) and because it turned out so splendidly, I made another in a silver colorway with blues, greens and purples...
And so this is how mine turned out.  The only other change I made was making it smaller than the pattern called for (made the bronzey one 14 right angle weave squares long and the silver one 15 right angle weave squares long).

I was planning on making this bracelet in all blue crystal colors but ordered the wrong size crystals - ordered 4mm instead of 3mm - which is needed for this bracelet.  Oh shucks, now I'll have to find a piece of jewelry to use the 4mm crystals with.  :)   Anyone have any beadweaving ideas for 4mm crystals?


  1. Hi Denise, I was just messing around with Google and searched my name. Came across your blog post of Last Kisses of Summer. Just wanted to say you did a wonderful job on your bracelets, love the silver color way. Thanks for posting! CJ

    1. Thank you CJ! I love this pattern so much that I've even made more as gifts for family and friends. And I wear these two quite frequently! Great job on the pattern!