Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trying some new Beadweaving...

I've earmarked several projects from Beadwork magazines and Bead & Button magazines and always wishfully looked at them - when I have the time I'll get to them, I think.  Well, now's the time.  5 minutes here, 15 minutes there.  Maybe only time to get one row of beads on between frantic uproars from the kids and eventually things get done.  Here's the first one I tried...
 It's supposed to be a 3 hour, $12 dollar bracelet - I don't know if I totally agree with either of those titles (especially when the project list includes a sterling silver clasp and SS 16 gauge wire - but it didn't cost too much and after figuring out the tension on the netting, I guess it didn't take too long.
 In different lighting, those big crystal beads look much more blue than purple.  It looks kind of cool.  I may even make another with different colors.  Does anyone know if TOHO size 8 beads are smaller than the Dyna-Mites purchased from Fire Mountain?  My friend is making one too and using TOHO beads - the beads seem smaller than the ones I used but it can be hard to really tell.

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