Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halcraft October Challenge

Another challenging color palette.  For this month's Halcraft challenge, I could pick either of the paintings on the Halcraft blog by Erin Fitzhugh Gregory - and both were full of color!!!  Check them out here:
I kind of chose some colors from both pictures:
The dynamic and color artwork of Erin Fitzhugh Gregory captivates me with the brilliant colors!

 There is no way to be unhappy when looking at the artwork of Erin Fitzhugh Gregory.

I really like the 2nd picture color palette more but I think the green is what's getting me.  I'm not a huge green fan in jewelry - and this green is .... a little interesting.  I like the red and the blues and even the yellow (from the first picture) and pinks.  So I chose the green from the first picture and the navy, turquoise, pink and red from the second picture. 

Once I saw other people making chevron necklaces, I have wanted to make my own.  So this is the time:

 How hard can it be, right?  Just simple loops hanging on a chain.  I had to make the pink row twice because at first it was too short and the green row 3 times, because it was too long, then too short!  It finally worked out.  I like it - a bohemian cowboy - isn't that a trend now? 
And I also made a bracelet: 

 The green is definitely a softer color. The small green beads in the chevron necklace are aventurine and the larger oval green beads in the bracelet are 'green stone'.  I love the flecks in them.  I think it gives the beads some dimension.   The toggle clasp is supposed to be a flower and leaf combo and the charm is a feather. 

Here is the necklace and bracelet on.  The chain for the necklace is actually much longer, but I like to wear necklaces up a little higher. 
Together, what a nice color combo!  I really like this one. 


  1. I think your chevron necklace is the bomb! I have never made one but I love the simple styling of it. You have inspired me to try! Thank you for playing in the Pretty Palettes October challenge. Check back on November 5th for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Beautiful use of the palettes for both pieces. Now, making a chevron necklace is on my to-do list! :) Thanks for the inspiration.