Monday, November 10, 2014

Halcraft November Pretty Palettes Challenge

I participated in the last two month's Pretty Palettes Challenge hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz on the Halcraft blog.  And I was already planning to participate this month (I need some challenges to get my creativity flowing) when Erin asked me to be her partner!  Yay!!!!!  I was so excited.  How fun it is to get free beads in the mail!   

So, then I saw the Inspiration blogpost and the original palette:

Gulp!  What to do with these colors?  I'm not a huge orange fan.  And man are those pumpkins bright!  But then I saw the beads she picked out and all fear went to the side.  
 Our November bead palette!
I mean look at these beads - shell and stone and metal.  These are more my speed.  I really like the shell beads - anything to remind me of summer!   The black and white beads, I thought from the picture just had the light reflecting the white and would be more black and grey.  They are indeed striped with white, black and grey.  And the copper beads have a richness to the color.  So, now the challenge begins.  I must put my thinking cap on and move forward. 

See you back on November 26th for the reveal! 

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