Friday, January 2, 2015

Halcraft December Pretty Palettes Challenges

I'm running a bit late on posting for this challenge.  (A Whole Year Later!)   Ha!Ha!
All right, the holidays are quite hectic and in fact, we just celebrated our last Christmas yesterday.
So, I didn't peak at anyone's reveal until after I completed my own jewelry with these beads.  And what fun beads - I wish I would have completed before my New Year's Eve party.  They certainly would have looked sparkly for my night of dining, bowling and (a little) partying.
Awesome color palette again!  You can check the Halcraft blog for the inspiration.  
Here is my reveal:
 Super sparkly earrings. Just wanted to add one thing - the earring hooks are stainless steel, which is awesome for my touchy ears.  My ears start hurting with regular earring hooks and stainless are a great (mostly hypoallergenic) alternative to the more expensive sterling silver. 
And a stretch bracelet - what bling!


  1. Very Classy Look! Love It! Great Job!

  2. Very pretty earrings and bracelet .I love the pyramid slider nice sparkle.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the earring wires. I need to find some for my poor daughter. She has pierced ears and almost never wears earrings. Love the bling! So glad you could participate again, Miss Denise! Stay tuned... working on the new palette for January and I am loving it! Check back on January 7th! Enjoy the day. Erin