Sunday, January 4, 2015

Michael's Beading Challenge with a Twist Blog Hop

Okay.  Now I was 2 days late with the last hop but this one takes the cake.  The hop was actually December 18th and I actually finished making the jewelry a few days post hop but just unable to get to the computer for several days.  And since these beads were in colors that I naturally gravitate towards, I was determined to blog about it. 

The info about the hop is from Heather Powers, of Humblebeads, and Lorelei Eurto.  You have to check out what they made - truly beautiful pieces, I especially like their necklaces. 
I took even more of a twist on the initial "rules" to use the specific beads plus an artist's bead or beads and instead supported another artist by using their tutorial.

I made several bracelets using an Infinity leather link with a tutorial by Tracy Statler.  And on one of the bracelets, included a bead by (I think!)  Jera Luna Designs.  Some of the bracelets are stretchy and some are knotted with button closure.  And one pair of earrings.  Really love the drop beads - the color and shininess are brilliant!

 Cool leather links, aren't they?

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  1. These are beautiful! I remember when Tracy posted that leather link tutorial - they look awesome - especially stacked! Love the earrings, too!