Friday, March 3, 2017

jewelry Stringing, Winter 2017 edition

Sadly, this is the last Stringing magazine. 
Happily, I was published in it again.  Two bracelets:

The first was actually a  birthday gift for a friend that she was nice enough to give back temporarily so it could be shipped off to the magazine for photos, but has now since been returned.  If you can't tell my friend has a thing for bees.  The centerpiece is an Italian bee coin that I buffed and waxed and added the chain and embellishments.  Even the clasp has a bee on it!  The clasp is from Green Girl Studios.   The bee charms are Tierracast. 

The second was inspired from the gold rush segment in the magazine and the handmade focal bead (from TreeWingStudio).   Everything just fits so perfectly together in this bracelet.  One of my favorites. 
All the handmade beads:  purple lampwork flower: Thornburg Bead Studio, green/brown ceramic bead:  gaea,  Blue/white ceramic bead:  blueberri beads.  The rest of the beads are pyrite and gold-plated spacers.     This one is now listed on etsy!

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