Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bathroom redo

So, having the wedding shower this past weekend, finally motivated me to finish up the bathroom. Well, not quite totally - I still have to paint the molding. Overall, it looks fantastic!!! I dug up this old picture of the bathroom from when we first moved into this house in 2004. Yucky blue flowered wallpaper (man, I despise wallpaper), peach sink and toilet, turquoise floor and mineral stain and rust in the sink and faucet. You could wash your hands while sitting on the toilet! What a novelty.

Now, the colors actually match and there's crisp white beadboard and a new sink and toilet. At least now, you have to stretch a little if you want to wash your hands and sit on the toilet at the same time.

Apparently, I told my mom at that time that this bathroom would be the first room to get a facelift. Well, now it's been 4 years and 8 other rooms done before this one. I eat my words. This might be my most favorite makeover of all the rooms. Kevin and I did a lot of work on it, but the biggest thanks goes out to my Dad for all his expertise and hard work on putting it together. Thank you Dad!!!
In progress

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