Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shopping IKEA Style

When my parents were here, my Mom and I finally got to go off and do something that I have wanted to do since March 12th, 2008. Go see the new IKEA store!!! Before anyone harps about how ridiculous that sounds, you must understand that IKEA is not only a store but an experience. It's 344,000 square feet of coolness. It is 48 decorated rooms and 3 completely decorated homes (albeit very small). It is organization to the nth degree wedded with cool, chic style. This is now the 3rd IKEA I've been too - Pittsburg, Houston, and Cincinnati. I have their catalogs dating back a few years too (even though I can't buy stuff from the old ones). For a person who loves to pour through decorating magazines, go to home shows and watches HGTV religiously, IKEA is the mecca of housewares and ideas. Afterall, it's where a lot of the designers on the HGTV shows go shopping anyway. It makes me believe that even all the stuff we have amassed can be organized.

After 4 hours and a minor dent in the credit card, I walked out with a really cute table for Daphne (see the post where she's playing on the computer) a new cushion for our famous Poang chair (just like the one IKEA was giving away free on the day it opened in Cincinnati) to go with my new blue color scheme in the living room and organizers for our desk - which were actually requested by Kevin and some other cute and cool odds and ends. Now, I just have to put the labels on the all the organizers - thank you, Kim, for my awesome labelmaker.

So, IKEA, when are you going to come and decorate our home or just a room - I'd be happy with some help in the kitchen!

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  1. I am SO jealous! I can't wait for US to go to IKEA!!!