Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy February!

I feel I have to start out with something happy, because if I really titled this what I thought of February than nobody would want to read it.  Another winter month....(sigh!)
I may not have been active on here (even missing my two usual monthly jewelry challenges), things have been moving swiftly at home. I recently submitted some jewelry to a magazine, for the first time!  That alone is a little exhilarating.  There is quite a lot of information and work needed for submitting jewelry.  And I got some accepted!!!  I am so thrilled!  I'll post more as soon as I can.

Although I haven't made as much jewelry as usual this past month, I have been working on learning some new techniques and so, have been making components.

These are the leather infinity links from Tracy Statler's tutorial.  There were some used in a previous post.  But I just couldn't stop and made them in different colors and sizes of leather, too.

And then, on to some wirework.  I received Cindy Wimmers' Missing Link book two Christmases back and have finally started making the components.  Some are just awesome!  As seen here:

And some, I still need some practice on:

I really like the look of the links with coiled wire around them and since decided that I needed to get a coiling gizmo because all of those coiled wires were done by literally hand-coiling a thin piece of wire around a thick piece of wire, which is kind of time-consuming!

And then I started working on these components for a piece for the ArtBeadScene January challenge.  I had a vision of a bracelet with dangles of these wire components and links of some loupiac glass beads.  I think I might still carry through on this challenge.

But all chaos broke loose in our basement and I decided to clean and organize the entire 800 square feet of it.  And in the process, I moved my "studio" to a new area, which of course adds a layer of confusion every time I sit down to make jewelry.  All of my drawers are not in their usual space.
It's finally settled though, so I hope to be back in the swing of things. 

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