Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pretty Palettes: October Challenge

I'm really going over the top and doing 2 design inspirations this month.  The Halcraft Inspiration Blog's Pretty Palettes Challenge has a beautiful inspirational picture this month.  Fall is definitely not my most favorite season, but even I can admit that the colors outside at this time are truly fantastic!!!

This is the inspiration photo:

October's palette :: Autumn Hues :: Design Seeds

The rich colors in this picture are wonderful!  And the beads chosen were defnitely diffrerent enough from my usual choices but still within that pinkish/reddish tone that I do like.

I came up with 4 pieces from this month's inspiration, in both a silver and a gold palette.  First, a silver-toned necklace and earring set.  The necklace was inspired by a white and black one that was on the Halcraft blog a few weeks ago.  That bib type necklace shows up well on an outfit.  And it was a good way to combine the different round beads. 
 The earrings in the middle are made with Humblebeads leaf charms.  Although not as visible in this picture, the leaves have an iridescent and translucent look to them.  They are so pretty when held up to light!

Second, a gold-toned set.  I think the red and purple beads look very regal with this color palette. It is a combination that I would not have chosen myself, but the gold looks great with the red and purple glass beads.  I really liked the hematite spacer but was a little stumped as to how to use it in the design.  So I ended up making lots of dangles with the spacers and the tiny red glass beads.  Together with the large quartzite ruby red beads, those dangles help fill out the bracelet. 
And all these items can be found in my shop:


  1. Well done! I love that you chose to make two complete sets - you were certainly inspired! I absolutely adore Heather Powers' beads and those are my all time favorites. They really do shimmer and shine in the most magical way! Thanks for joining in the fun with the Halcraft Pretty Palettes challenge. Check back on November 4th for our next inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Thrilled to know someone else was enamored with those tiny red glass the clusters of them here and there in your bracelet and earring designs. And clever options in silver or gold. Both so pretty and ready for Fall!