Monday, June 2, 2008

Beautiful Weather = Gardening

This weekend, the weather was gorgeous!!! Lots of sun and warmth - just the way I like it. Daphne and I got to spend some time outside gardening, while Kevin got, inside.
Only 1.5 weeks left for the quarter and Kevin will be able to enjoy life again too. I think saying he is looking forward to the break this summer would be an understatement.
Hope everybody is enjoying the beautiful sunny weather! My flowers are finally thriving. After last year's drought I thought for sure that all the perennials I planted would have died.
I also got to finally finish another knitting project - it's been awhile. In my quest for the perfect winter hat, I knit a striped stocking cap. It's nice to see a quick finished project. For those of you with Ravelry accounts, you can see it on there.
All of this and time for a nap - now, that's a good weekend.

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