Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day

Do you see a theme here? I seem to be late on celebrating holidays. Father's Day was a good day (although it could have been better if I had gotten to see my own dad.) - Well, maybe not for the father in this house, because he had to work. We did get to play softball, and lost. But we won the week before, 31-8, and I actually played that game. That's a pretty great achievement. And the team went out to eat afterward. It's so nice to spend time with Kevin. So, on this Father's Day, I have some great pictures. And maybe I'll figure out how to place pictures within the text, instead of all at the beginning....
First, my all time favorite picture of Kevin and Daphne. I loved and love seeing Kevin and Daphne bond. It's truly wonderful seeing the love between the two of them. Kevin is an awesome father. He's patient and gentle with Daphne in way I haven't seen before.My, how the past 2 years have flown. That cute little sleeping baby is now the demanding little toddler. And a cute picture from recent days. Do you think she will be embarassed when she gets older seeing this picture on the web? She was trying to put her own shirt on, or was she trying to take it off? Either way, she didn't too well but was very proud of her accomplishment!
And here is Daphne trying to walk in Daddy's shoes, literally.

And one of my Dad and Daphne.

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