Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

The storms left us and now the weather is hot, hot, hot. I can't get enough of it. But then, Kevin would probably ask, why do I have to have the air conditioning on if I like it so hot. (I turned it on earlier in the week when it was just in the 80s). I do like the heat, I just don't like to sleep in it and our house- even with a lot of windows and ceiling fans - is just not conducive to being cool inside - unless it's winter. With all the hot weather, I thought Daphne would like to try out her flip-flops - and they are not just any flip-flops, they are Little Mermaid flip-flops, even bought in Orlando. Daphne has a name for Ariel and seems to point to her with recognition when she sees Ariel on things, but I can't quite decipher what she is actually saying. Well..... Daphne had other ideas of where the flip-flops should go. She kept scrunching her toes when I was trying to put them on her.

And there are more pictures of flowers. It may seem obsessive, but I do like to garden. After clearing and killing everything in one of my flowerbeds, I decided to replant. And so about mid-May last year, I decided to plant a perennial garden, hoping to not have to plant flowers again and again in this large area and then, I could see lots of blooms, like in my Mom's gardens. I planned it all out - read garden books, even drew out a diagram where the flowers would go - keep the tall ones in back - have complimentary colors. Well, somehow I managed to plant the flowers last year on the last day of rain for the spring/summer season (until about September, or so it seemed). So I diligently watered last year, every night after Daphne went to bed, and nothing. The foxglove and purple coneflowers amounted to nothing more than a few leaves that got eaten by bunnies. The dianthus never bloomed. The garden had formerly had peonies and daylilies in it and neither came up last year. At the end of the season, I also planted a crepe myrtle and thought I had killed it too. Magically, this year, everything came back (well, mostly) and is blooming. There is lots of color, tall stalks and buds and big blossoms. So, yeah, I am pretty proud of the garden and like to take pictures of the resulting flowers.

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