Friday, September 26, 2008

Dividend Day

Before all the craziness of the storm, we had gone to King's Island. September 13th and 14th were my work's King's Island Days. Luckily, we went on the hot and sweltering 13th because the park was evacuated on the 14th.

I volunteered, giving away some of the freebies for 2 hours, and in exchange got some extra tickets and we were able to invite some of our friends. We went with other people with little kids and this was our first year taking Daphne. It's definitely a different kind of fun with little kids vs. just going on all the roller coasters and crazy rides. Not that I was upset, since I can't go on anything crazy without feeling sick - pretty much any roller coaster - or like my heart is going to leap out of my chest - Tower of Terror, or whatever the King's Island one is called. I can't believe I wanted to bungee jump in high school at the state fair?!?

Well, the kids had fun and, proudly, I can tell you that I beat Kevin on the Scooby Doo ride (which is an interactive ride where you shoot your laser gun at targets and get points). And if you ask Kevin about it, don't listen to any of his excuses, like the gun didn't work. I beat him fair and square - 1200 points to his piddly 600 (or something like that).
Hey Baby! Where do you want to go?

Marc and Carrick on the carousel.
Justin, Didn't you get the memo? We're all supposed to wear red.

Daphne met her namesake on ...The Mystery Machine.

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