Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Power Outage

Just in case anyone was wondering. It is Wednesday 8:00am and we are still without power at the McCabe home (since Sunday around 2:00pm). Lucky for me (Ha!Ha!) my work was not affected, so I have still made it into work everyday this week - even driving through many intersections without lights. The GREAT WINDSTORM of 2008, as the media calls it, caused a lot of damage around Cincinnati. The only damage we had was of a neighbor's tree that fell on our fence and lots of twigs and branches to pick up. All the houses on our street besides 2 or 3 do not have electricity. I don't know how those 2 or 3 lucky *!*?* ended up with power. Eastgate on the other side of Mockingbird looks like they mostly have their power. The missing power/electricity seemed to hit and miss houses. The top branches from the tree in our front yard also were affected. In fact, some of the branches are broken but still connected to the tree and are lying on the electrical wires in front of our house.
We are still fortunate enough to not have any damage to the house and to still have running water and hot water and a grill that functions well. And I still have my cool (old) plug-in-the-wall pink phone from when I was a kid so we are able to get phone calls without problems. Kevin is suffering from lack of communication with the outside world. But hopefully, we will be up and running soon. And we'll have pictures to follow.

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