Friday, September 26, 2008

Power Up

No lights and new pjs
Our power came back on last Friday afternoon and we were very happy :)

While the power was off Kevin was still off so he was able to clean up the yard from all the debris and our fence is already fixed too. Neither Kevin nor I was home when the power came back on, but, ironically, shortly before our whole street got it's power back, the electric company trimmed the tree in our front yard - the one that had a few branches laying on the wires and squishing three wires together.

And then....we got our fix of tv again and all other electronic addictions satisfied.

So this week has been a big one - Daphne went back to school on Monday and fits right back in besides not wanting to go to sleep at night and Kevin went back to school on Wednesday - only 2 more years!!!!!
During the storm, a lot of patio furniture was blown over, even our two person metal "couch". But look who's still standing - see him? St. Francis is standing by the wishing well. and he didn't budge.
A neighbor's basketball hoop got knocked over.
Our broken fence and the tree that landed on it.
More debris. And look who else is still standing - see her in white? This was after the storm - so, no, we didn't put Daphne out in the storm. Our yard was a wreck.

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