Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Wedding

The Engaged Couple. Scott Schwartz & Kim McCabe.
Kim & Janet
Luke & Daphne/ Ringbearer & Flowergirl.
Getting ready.
The cutest flower girl ever.
You'll know what this picture is, if you have you seen '27 Dresses'. (It's a great movie!)
Kevin & his Mom.
The married couple. Mr. Scott & Mrs. Kim Schwartz.
Some other old married farts & the cutest flowergirl ever.
So if you haven't figured out, last Saturday was Kim and Scott's wedding. In other words, Kevin's sister got married. This was a very big deal in our household. Kevin and I each only have one sibling and Kim McCabe is the last of our immediately family to get married... and Daphne was the flowergirl. We were hyping it up for Daphne all week and she walked down the aisle marvelously! With the help of the older ringbearer. The wedding was lots of fun, as weddings should be. Daphne danced and moved and boogied non-stop from 8:30-11:30 and then conked out for the night. Somehow, even our primo camera came out a little blurry on a lot of pictures from that night and we didn't end up with many clear pictures of the married couple on their wedding night but I'm sure we'll see some from all the other photographers.
Kim & Scott - To many happy years together!
Mom - Thanks for being the photographer!

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