Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daphne's First Concert

This past weekend was the Fine Arts Fund Weekend - meaning that there are a lot of free arts-related activities throughout the city. Saturday morning there was a concert at the Music Hall for kids, and I thought Daphne would enjoy it, and she certainly did!

The Concert was put on by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and was themed "Bugs". It was great - and afterwards she told Kevin how she saw someone play the piano, like her Daddy, and the "elbow" (oboe), like her Mommy used to.

There were ballerinas that performed too. Daphne now has added ballerina to her list of what she wants to do when she grows up - in addition to being a painter and doctor. And there were lots of fun craft activities for the kids after the performance. She had a spectacular time until a little meltdown because there were no more balloons to make spider balloons at one of the tables.

Showing off her newly crafted headband. How do you like her clothing choices? Daphne is becoming quite the independent lady and very upset if she can't pick out her own outfit.

She also has learned how to use our camera. She was acting interested with the camera and I thought she was going to take a picture of the orchestra but instead she turned the camera around and took a self-portrait.

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