Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Year

Well, I bet you were all wondering whether I would keep up the blog or not in 2009. It is now the 2nd month of 2009 and I'm finally getting on board. I don't know if I'm just tired of sitting in front of a computer after doing so for almost 8 hours at work or just don't like being cold - my hands freeze after typing for awhile. But I am back and armed with more pictures. For those of you whom I only get to see or hear from every once in a while, here's the update:

We went to Brunswick for Christmas. My brother and his family were also there. Kera and Daphne had a great time together (and so did the adults).

Then, we came home and celebrated Christmas at our house. Kevin even let me tell Daphne that Santa came and brought her some toys. Daphne made us some Christmas presents too.

Next day we decided to go to the Children's Museum and to add to Daphne's fun, we took the bus there - it only took 2 hours to get there (usually, it's maybe a 20 minute drive)!!!!

Next day (promise I won't go through each of the next 39 days that I missed blogging), we had our 20 week Ultrasound. That's right - if there is anyone who did not know I am pregnant, I am very much so.'s a BOY!!!! Only 16 weeks left to go (from 2/1/09). We are all very excited and everyday Daphne thinks of a new name for him - such as "Toys" and "Nemo".

To bring in the new year, we celebrated Christmas with the McCabe's . We opened gifts at Maisie's and her brother Ray is now living at the same place she is.

Kevin celebrated his 32nd birthday on January 12th and in honor of his birthday, I got a new minivan and traded in my old Chevy Malibu - not enough room for 2 car seats and the baggage we like to bring up to Brunswick. We got a 2008 Hyundai Entourage, loaded with lots of fun stuff like a DVD player and heated seats (my favorite). If you haven't heard of it, that's probably because it was the worst selling car in 2008 - seriously, check out the article:

Too bad we didn't know that before buying, we might have been able to work out a better deal!

Kevin also got Guitar Hero for his birthday to go with the Wii we got for Christmas. I think I've played it more than him.

Kevin's family came over and we celebrated his birthday. We also played 5 Crowns, a new card game we got for Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad). It was enjoyed by all, except I lost miserably.

And last week, we had horrible weather in Cincinnati - snow and ice and snow and ice. Even UC got cancelled for a day, but not my work. If I didn't go in, I would have had to take a vacation day. At least, I got to work at a closer location. So even in all the snow and ice and crappy weather, the new Minivan served me well. Daphne's daycare has never been closed, so on Tuesday I drove her to school before going to work and her school was closed!! Daphne got to see what my work looks like, that is, until Kevin came to pick her up.

Kevin stayed home with Daphne and they both built a snowman.

And what else? 'Lost' has begun again at last, which means we completely ignore Daphne on Wednesday's night. She could be running around naked carrying scissors for all we know. You have to watch every little nuance on that show or you can miss some big connection between characters or storylines. I look forward to catching up on the Lost website. It's been too long since the last episodes....

Hey Dad! - I was right, you owe me money for the Superbowl! Kevin says I won! - and he won halftime.

Hoping it won't be so long until the next time!

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