Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rho Chi Dinner

This past Friday was the Rho Chi event (honor society for pharmacists). Kevin was officially inducted last year but we never made it to the dinner because that's when we slipped on ice and fell and my head broke his skull and he got a (mild) concussion. This year we parked in the garage directly beneath the event to prevent any issues with having to walk outside.

Unfortunately, the only picture of us from the event was taken by someone else who was a little shaky with the camera. I can assure you that Kevin is still in the Honor Society and is still very smart and I am still very proud of him and all his hard work!

In fact, Kevin looks so smart that one of the inductees (who looked like she could have been in high school) asked if Kevin was a teacher (meaning college teacher). To further show how old Kevin is --- A few weeks ago, we went to the UC fitness center and one of his former students from St. Margaret of York was working there and is now a 3rd year student at UC!

Kevin's Mom came and babysat Daphne while we were out and I captured a cute picture of them reading a book - after Daphne helped Janet decorate herself.

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