Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making Things...

With the weather being so cold and getting even more snow, we've spent a considerable time inside. I do like that the days are getting noticeably longer. And that makes it easier to finish some inside projects and start some new ones. It makes me happier to have a beautiful home and sometimes it just needs some minor updating.

First project was redoing some of the kitchen chairs. I've redone them once before but I didn't put anything under Daphne's booster seat when it was sitting on the chair and it was definitely showing some wear and tear - and horrible food stains that weren't coming out. A trip to JoAnn's
and a few staples and ...some nice new chairs for us.
Old cover on chair (this picture was taken right after it has been originally recovered several years ago). Imagine it with lots of stains - chocolate, pomegrenate, milk, mac 'n cheese, etc....
In the process...
Completed - new pattern! Daphne likes them.
I also cup up an old table cloth to use under Daphne's chair so I wouldn't have to clean that one again.

Daphne started working on some valentine's and has now decided she wants to be a painter when she grows up. Earlier this week, she had wanted to be a doctor (because of a book we were reading from the library).
The artist.
Also, I finished knitting a baby blanket that I had been working on for awhile.

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